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DeliBelge Business

Dano Food is a trusted Belgian food company specializing in the export of agriculture-based commodities.

DeliBelge Products

The products we export include dairy products(UHT Milk,Milk Powder,Evaporated Milk,Condensed Milk..),Sauces(Mayonnaise,Ketchup…),Cooking oil & Spaghetti.

DeliBelge Approach

No country can be self-sufficient without facing a higher cost. At some point or another, countries will choose to import at least some products or services.

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About Us

DeliBelge Focus

Market evaluation : Assessing the market is an inextricable responsibility of any export business; without considering factors such as globalization…

DeliBelge Clients

We work with clients in all major continents: Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States.

DeliBelge Mission

It is our mission to be one of the top three export companies in Belgium with a special interest in agriculture-based commodities.

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